GENGEN: GENealogy over GENerations

By BBNY Group LLC (other events)

2 Dates Through Oct 25, 2015

GENGEN (GENealogy over GENerations) is the newly branded The Genealogy Event taking place Sat. Oct. 24 from 10AM - 4PM. The genealogy focused event is in its 4th year and is being held at Scandinavia House, located at 58 Park Ave., at 38th street and a 5MIN walk from Grand Central station.  The event will take across two levels - with panel discussions taking place on the lower level, the roundtables, talks and a selection of company tables on the upper level.  The Scandinavia House also offers a casual, open air restaurant and small artisanal craft shop on the main level and a gallery showcasing a history focused show on the 4th level.

This year's event will see once again some new approaches to the event based on feedback as well as always a commitment to create is unique and innovative experiences that evolve from one year to the next.  At GENGEN you will find:

  • 30MIN panel discussions led by a moderator and up to three panelists per discussion
  • 45MIN talks focused on genealogy/history
  • 30MIN small group roundtable discussions "Pabbles" that will be a forum for idea exchanges and information gathering for all participants: attendees, a selection of experts and genealogy focused companies
  • Selection of companies with genealogy/DNA focused products/services
  • Social event following the event

The ticket options will limited to (3) types:

  • VIP Ticket - The ever popular sell out ticket each year that offers a number of features and benefits over and above admission to ALL aspects of the event: panels, talks, roundtables, company tables.
  • General Admission Ticket - Offers admission to ALL aspects of the event: panels, talks, roundtables, company tables.
  • Limited Access Ticket - Offers admission to activities based on availability of space.  This ticket type grants admission to the event but not does not guarantee what area of the event admission will be granted.  To mean: if all seats in panel discussions are filled, access will be to the talk/roundtable/company table area and vice versa.  


GENGEN (GENetics over GENerations), is the newly branded The Genealogy Event & DNA Day taking place Sun Oct 25 at the Scandanavia House.  The focus of this one day event is exploring the exciting and dynamic world of DNA.  Set over an afternoon segment, in a relaxing setting, and geared to all levels, you will learn how DNA can help support your genealogy research, learn more about your heritage and find new family links.

GENGEN will offer a series of (4) talks focused on:

  • Overview of the (3) Types of Tests - Descriptions, comparisons, DNA companies
  • "I've Got My Results, Now What?" - An in-depth look via the Family Tree DNA website of what to do next, how to interpret information, weigh one source of data, draw deductions, make contact and more.
  • Using DNA as part of the Genealogical Proof Standard - Learn how to apply the Genealogical Proof Standard to DNA research to ensure deductions are credible.
  • DNA Success Stories - A selection of DNA success stories tied to new family link discoveries and furthering one's genealogy research

All (3) DNA tests will be available for purchase via Family Tree DNA: mitochondrial DNA test, Y-DNA test and atDNA (autosomal).

An afternoon refreshment break is included within the GENGEN / Sun Oct 25 DNA focused event ticket price.

Please Note: all ticket sales are final, however are fully transferable.


The Saturday evening following the event at a casual pub/restaurant within a 7-10MIN walk from Scandinavia House that will be shared with ticketed attendees by Sept 30.  Consider joining for a chance to connect with others from the event, over a selection of casual bites,

Look forward to welcoming you to this year's event!



All ticket sales are final, however they are transferable.